Month: February 2008

Ellen Degeneres gets emotional about gay teen being killed

Too many people think Ellen getting emotional isn’t professional etc. I personally don’t agree with them.

In this case more info about the killing of 15 year old Larry by a 14 year old boy named Brandon is coming in. It seems that Larry had given Brandon a Valentines card.

A life over a fucking card because some 14 year old comes from a family where gay people are more likely than not vilified. That is some truly sick shit.

Here’s the video of Ellen talking about it. I don’t think I could say much more.

Yes I will say more. I’m gay, I’ve made no acts to hide the fact that I am. But I will not ever live as a second class citizen.

Energy and what it means to me

We are awash in energy. Sunshine is the king, the god of energy for without it there would be no energy at all on the planet Earth.

The fossil fuels we burn now? They’re mostly from dead plant matter that was kept under immense pressure for eons. And there is probably some fauna in there too, natural gas after all is probably a byproduct of decay of both flora and fauna from eons past. All of them depended on Sol to provide the light and energy they needed to grow.

The issue is extracting those resources. It’s difficult and expensive to do so particularly since now all the low hanging fruit has been picked off which results in new extraction methods. One of those is shale extraction which has gotten a boost recently. But it still won’t be enough oil to satiate world demand.

Right now we are a Kardashev Type 0 society. We use petrochemicals. But we’re on the cusp of becoming a Type 1 society, those that use all the energy resources of a planet. We’re seeing that in the solar and wind projects that are being put up all over the world.

This evening I was talking to one of the deli clerks at the supermarket about the price of gasoline. It’s going towards $4 a gallon now which is ridiculous. I mentioned that I’d heard that a group managed to make the electrolysis of water into hydrogen and oxygen run at 85% efficiency. This is a very big deal considering that current electrolysis only achieves 3-4% efficiency. If this pans out, it means you could outfit a car with it’s own electrolysis unit and the only fuel you’d ultimately need is water.

And because burning hydrogen creates a byproduct that is basically water, it’s kind of a closed loop system. That’s the other thing, why burn the hydrogen, catalyze it in a fuel cell and create electric current to run electric motors. Do away with the internal combustion engine entirely. For those out there that are gearheads I should remind you that electric motors have more power and torque available at higher efficiencies than internal combustion could ever provide. Is it any wonder railroads use Diesel-Electric hybrid locomotives?

Other energy projects include the generator that goes onto your knee and generates enough juice to power 10 cell phones, which would be about one laptop. It only generates on the braking aspect.

Solar photo-voltaic cells are also getting a boost. Research in nanotechnology has come up with a paint on solar cell that runs at very high efficiency;

I think you see a trend here. The future is electric. Electricity can be used to do so many things and can even be transformed into mechanical work at fairly high efficiencies over using other methods.

The interesting part is living through the transition from Type 0 to Type 1. Part of it is very exciting, while another part is very scary. The scariness is the fact that it will be difficult to break big business grip on us in order to move forward with inexpensive and relatively cheap energy. I’ve offered a method of doing so but it will require a massive grass roots movement to quash the oil and auto industry objections to moving toward a new way of powering civilization.

But remember, water is the key. It’s where the vast amount of hydrogen is locked up. But unlocking it, using it and then having it return to water is just too attractive not to pay attention to it.

Stop the despots

Like it or not, the United States of America is sliding into a miasma of the worst kind. This started happening before the Bush Administration to be sure, but this administration is using it to it’s advantage and our extreme disadvantage.

The United States is now run by a despotic administration. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating again and again. Through the actions of those despots we now have a fascist government running the show.

Check out this interview of author Naomi Wolf. She wrote the book “End of America”.

When you’re done with that sign up for the American Freedom Campaign. We need to rise up against the misuse of governmental power.

As Wolf says in the interview, the McCarthyism of the 50’s will look like the good old days if w3e let the Bush administration or ANY administration continue on the same path.

I’ve already told you all one of the things we need to do, because while Wolf correctly identifies all the things that slide us into fascism, she never identifies the source.

The source is unchecked corporate power over our government. If you read this blog you already know what need to change in order to break the stranglehold of corporations over both our government and ourselves. Modify the constitution to specifically exclude the enumerated rights to corporations.

Read the book “The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968” by William Manchester to see just one of the corporate interests the pushed WW I and WW II Germany into warfare. You’ll see clearly what I’m getting at here.

Then step back and examine who stands to profit most from running a government. If you guessed corporations and their owners and shareholders you get a gold star. In most any wrongdoing if you step back and think about who benefits most you’ll find your perpetrator.

Clinton’s attack on Obama

The latest has Hillary Clinton telling Barack Obama that he should be ashamed for his recent mailer. I got one of those mailers today and have no problem whatsoever with the content.

Hillary Clinton is simply being the bitch that she is. That’s right, you heard me. She’s a bitch. I never liked her to begin with. If she had any feeling whatsoever she would have divorced Bill Clinton at the first affair way back when instead of choosing to stay in that relationship. She took the cold, hard calculating way out. That’s typical behavior for what I call a bitch.

Racism still in RI

So last night Keyron was supposed to meet a friend at a local bar called Artini’s. He gets there and gets turned away at the door because of what he was wearing.

He was dressed very nicely, dress slacks, a sweater, etc. There were people in the bar in jeans and t-shirt.

So I asked him if there were any other black people in the bar. And of course I didn’t need to ask because I knew that there weren’t.

So racism rears its ugly head here in Rhode Island once again. I’m not sure what the response to this should be. I did write them up on a few web reviews.

I’m just so upset about this. I want to go back to the bar with him and have them refuse him entry while I’m standing there. Because unlike him, I’ll make a huge fucking stink about it.

Troppe informazioni mar numero cento e venti due (TMI #122)

1. what’s the sexiest gesture a person you are sexually interested can make?

Why the universal “let’s fuck” gesture. You all know what I’m talking about here, the pouty look, the licked lips.

2. what are 3 inevitable things about you?

I’m stubborn, that’s one. I’m always on time, and I’m always right.

3. how many types of orgasms have you experienced?

There are types? I think they’re all mind blowingly good.

4. what asset do you have besides the physical and the material?

Definitely the mental. I can go from mild mannered to out and out thug when I need to do so.

5. what do you want . . . . now?

An electric blanket. It’s fucking cold!

Bonus (as in optional):describe a sexy mind.

Creativity plays big into this one. I find that immensely sexy.

The REAL-ID debate

It seems that people are so paranoid about government snooping that there is mass opposition to the REAL-ID act. In essence all the act does is standardize identification documents so they all have the same data elements and machine readable codes.

Someone on Digg had commented that they feared that their fingerprints would be tied to the license and then kept in a database. I then explained how fingerprints are used by the criminal justice community. In essence if you’re arrested they do what’s called a ten-print and then check that against an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). If the subject has had prior law enforcement contact, the record returns with index information to all records. This search spans ALL states by the way.

If there is no hit the prints are stored with the record locator. This updates the FBI’s index. But once the subject is brought to justice upon disposition of the case one of two things happens. Either the subject is convicted, or they are acquitted of the charge. If acquitted the record in the criminal history database is supposed to be expunged. On expungement this updates the FBI Interstate Identification Index too! The ten-print info is deleted on their end.

For explaining that I got dugg down. Sometimes I have to wonder about the collective mind of Digg because apparently the boys and girls there have no interest in clearing through all the bullshit and showing how the system REALLY works. Maybe if I posted the relevant section of my resume along with my comments they’d believe what I’m telling them. Because I was the one who engineered the system that would email the local PD with identity information and rap sheet for the subject whose prints were submitted.

The reason RI isn’t compliant is because we take the photo at the END of the process, not the beginning. So there’s now way to search against other photos to see if you’re trying to get a second license. And the company who provides the registry system called Visage charges outrageous fees to modify the system. I know when we tried to get motor voter going it was a significant sum to change that system.