Music then and now

Back in the day (1985 to 1987) I was a radio personality on a disused college radio station that we rolled in on and took over for a bit.

Lately I’ve been listening to the City Soul podcasts produced by KBCS 91.3FM in Seattle. Funny, I was at WDOM 91.3FM in Providence and our program was called the Soul Patrol.

Anyhow I used to always go off the air with Marvin Gaye’s “I Want You”. That was my signature signoff. Now in the 80’s that song was at least 20 years old then, but damn it still resonates with me. I’m listening to a Bling46 remix of the song and damn, I just shut my eyes and listen and it still send a tingle through my body.

Then of course there’s Bugz in the Attic’s cover of Yarbrough and Peoples “Don’t Stop the Music”. Nice stuff. I love the City Soul program, it’s got new stuff, re-takes on old stuff, and I just totally dig it.

Now I do videoblogs for myself, usually more rants against the status quo than anything else.

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