Ellen Degeneres gets emotional about gay teen being killed

Too many people think Ellen getting emotional isn’t professional etc. I personally don’t agree with them.

In this case more info about the killing of 15 year old Larry by a 14 year old boy named Brandon is coming in. It seems that Larry had given Brandon a Valentines card.

A life over a fucking card because some 14 year old comes from a family where gay people are more likely than not vilified. That is some truly sick shit.

Here’s the video of Ellen talking about it. I don’t think I could say much more.

Yes I will say more. I’m gay, I’ve made no acts to hide the fact that I am. But I will not ever live as a second class citizen.

2 thoughts on “Ellen Degeneres gets emotional about gay teen being killed

  1. this is the sickest thing….it makes fearful for my childrens future! ignorance is rampant and its disgusting ppl think they can judge you and hate you because of who you love….

  2. She didn’t get too emotional, and if you can’t get emotional about kids killing each other, whjat is there to get emotional about? My heart goes out to Larry’s family and friends. Thanks for the posting.


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