Troppe informazioni mar numero cento e ventisei (TMI 126)

1. Is sex hotter for you when it’s forbidden? Or do you get wracked with guilt and it’s not enjoyable?

Yes the forbidden can be quite alluring and enjoyable to me. Even though I’m of Italian ancestry and was brought up Catholic I’m pretty immune to the guilt thing. I suppose that’s because I associate guilt with a higher power and I recognize there is no higher power.

2. Are casual sexual encounters fulfilling to you? Do you need an emotional commitment from your partner for sex to be fulfilling?

No, I don’t need the emotional for sex to be fulfilled. I’m a man after all. But I do really love Keyron. It does seem to make the sex a lot better because we can be fully intimate.

3. Do you think that with all of the online dating sites that cater to every fetish and desire and places like craigslist that it’s more difficult to make a commitment and/or stay committed to your partner?

Nah. I do admit though that I wish we’d had these things when I was a kid. Talk about break the ice! As a kid I was very shy, I just didn’t have the confidence I have now.

4. Have you ever joined or participated in an online dating site? If not, would you ever consider it? What about a fetish site, such as

No I haven’t. No need to do so. What the hell is And of course I had to open a new tab and paste that in. Much more than I needed to know, really. A little light bondage is cool, but that’s heavy duty bondage. You know, the kind where things like leather, which btw I do like leather, but I like it to wear when it’s cold outside.

5. What is the weirdest fetish you’ve heard of?

Having pretty much seen or heard about it all I cannot say any of it is weird. It’s the human condition. When you think about it, all of the fun of sex doesn’t take place at the genital level, it takes place in the brain. The brain is a wonderfully complex thing so no, I can’t call any of it weird.

To me weird would be if the person you’re having sex with were to levitate.

Bonus (as in optional): The definition of ‘fetish’ is so vague. Do you think you have a fetish(s)? If so, do you want to share what it is? ;)

Nah, I’m pretty vanilla in that respect.

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