AFA’s sample letter for Day of Silence 4/25/08

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The latest is the following:

Homosexual Day of Silence – Is Your Child’s School on the list?

Dear ,

Because of the action of concerned parents, hundreds of schools have removed their school as a listed participant in the pro-homosexual “Day of Silence.” You can join the fight for your children too!

On, Friday, April 25, several thousand schools across the nation will be observing “Day of Silence (DOS).” DOS is a nationwide push to promote the homosexual lifestyle in public schools.

When AFA alerted parents of this public school classroom disruption by homosexual student activists, many took action immediately! If you haven’t gotten involved, it’s critical that you do so today!

A simple phone call or letter to school administrators, telling them your child will not attend school the day it observes DOS, may be enough to cause some participating schools to change their plans. Sample letter here.

Please listen to a 60-second radio ad warning parents about Day of Silence, then forward this email to your local Christian or conservative radio station. Ask them to broadcast it as a Public Service Announcement (PSA)! MP3 file or WAV file

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Day of Silence.

In the past week alone, over 200 schools have announced they are dropping plans to participate. Please, get involved for the sake or your children, and all children, today!

Take Action!

What should parents do? Check with your local school principal to see if your child’s school will be participating in DOS. If the school is participating, notify other parents about DOS and ask them to join in keeping their children out of school on that day.

Here is a partial list of schools which are expected to participate in DOS: If your school is listed, call your local school and ascertain whether they officially or passively allow students to observe “Day of Silence.” If your school is listed, please double-check with your local school to see if the school is actually sponsoring DOS. Sometimes the “participation” turns out to be a handful of kids who are saying they have a homosexual club and are observing this protest day, but without school endorsement. We sincerely hope your school, if listed, is not actually an official sponsor. If it is not, we will take them off the list, if a school official asks us to do so. Please e-mail your correction to

Some tips:

1. Be sure of the date that DOS is planned for your school. (The national date is April 25, but some schools observe DOS on a different date.)
2. Inform the school of your intention to keep your child home on that date and explain why. Click here for a sample letter.
3. Explain to your children why you’re taking a stand: Homosexual behavior is not an innate identity; it is a sinful, unnatural and destructive behavior. No school should advance a physically, emotionally, and spiritually destructive sexual lifestyle to students.
4. Schools do not have to tolerate students remaining silent in class. Schools can adopt policies that require parental consent for students to attend any club, including those premised on sexual orientation or gender identity. Click here for more information from Attorney Mat Staver with Liberty Counsel who provides free information to parents, students, and schools regarding their rights associated with noncompliance on the Day of Silence.

Thank you for caring enough to get involved. If you feel our efforts are worthy of support, would you consider making a small tax-deductible contribution? Click here to make a donation.



Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman American Family Association

The PDF file can be found here. I suggest we use the letter except modify it in support of the Day of Silence.

I’m so sick and tired of being told that I’m pushing an agenda, I’m not doing so and neither are the other gay people I know. I haven’t even gotten my copy of the gay agenda nor have many people that I know.

I only know that I hope Wildmon suffers a debilitating anyeurism or something equally painful. I know, it’s evil of me but when they keep putting out shit like this it irks me something fierce.

When he spouts religious bullshit like this:

3. Explain to your children why you’re taking a stand: Homosexual behavior is not an innate identity; it is a sinful, unnatural and destructive behavior. No school should advance a physically, emotionally, and spiritually destructive sexual lifestyle to students.

I feel that I have to take this apart, point by point. No homosexuality is not an identity, it is my sexuality. Otherwise I am a person and deserve to be treated like every other person, not discriminated against for who it is that I chose to love.

By stating is sinful, unnatural and destructive Wildmon is clearly invoking religious dogma which has no place in secular and moral society. Since I don’t believe in the Judeo-Christian God, it isn’t sinful. And when you look at the Biblical argument, lest we forget that the Bible also sanctions slavery, women as chattel etc. Yet we conveniently say those are taken out of context while the prohibition against homosexual content is constantly bandied about. They don’t talk about the other parts of Leviticus, particularly those indicating one shouldn’t eat shellfish, or sleep with ones wife when she is menstruating.

Since homosexuality isn’t exclusive to homo sapiens I can conclude that once again Wildmon is pulling this out of his ass. This is typical of all the religious characters I’ve run across in my lifetime. They’ll take a few passages out of context to justify their discomfort with and bigotry against a class of people.

As far as being destructive, how so? Just because we can’t procreate naturally doesn’t mean we can’t have a positive role in society. But the religious would deny that to us.

Calling homosexuality physically destructive is interesting. Perhaps he should talk to Dr. John Corvino about the “parts don’t fit” argument.

Emotionally we’re no different from the heterosexuals. We have our well balances, our slightly off kilter, and out batshit crazy too. There is no difference whatsoever since emotionally we span the spectrum.

The spirituality part is what shows Wildmon’s hand. He’s a hateful religious bigot. If I’m wrong and there is a heaven and hell, Wildmon is most certainly headed for hell. Actually I’d like to create that hell for him. I’d put him in a room with a bunch of hot guys sucking and fucking. It’d be fun to watch Wildmon’s head explode.

Another thing related to Dr. Corvino is the statement about calling it a lifestyle. No, it’s our life! Not lifestyle. To imply style means we chose it. I know in my case I didn’t choose to be gay, I have been gay all my life.

In short, I’d like to personally tell Wildmon to take a flying leap off a steep cliff.

5 thoughts on “AFA’s sample letter for Day of Silence 4/25/08

  1. We have seen over the last decade or so many of these religious zealots being arrested for prostitution, and raping children. The real agenda here is to keep kids in the closet along with their supporters.

    God this makes me mad!


  2. So what your really saying is it’s wrong to force our religious beliefs down someone else’s throat, but it’s OK to force your immoral lifestyle down ours.

    -=-=-=Truthspew Says-=-=-=

    No, what I’m saying is keep your religious beliefs to yourself. They do not belong in the public discourse. Churches had hundreds of years to try and do it right, but instead they gave us absolutist regimes, etc. I want to see religion driven back into the woodwork where it belongs. It does not belong in the public square.

    And what I have is not a lifestyle, it is a life. You anti-gay bigots need to learn that we’re on to your word games and we’re not going to take it anymore.

    If you read your Bible, the entire book, you’ll find that admonitions of homosexuality are outnumbered by admonitions of heterosexuality. And was it John 8:7 I believe that says “He who is without sin should cast the first stone.”

    You obviously don’t understand that one.

  3. School districts do not formally sign on in support of this event. It is totally student lead. There is a misconception (which I believe is intentional) to communicate public schools take a public stance. I interviewed one school administrator and she confirmed the schools don’t take formal action of any kind. Students post their schools on the Day of Silence list – which is an individual act.

    The “Day of Silence” is also a total marketing campaign pushed by gay agenda organizations across the US.

    The Alliance Defense Fund is promoting its own trademarked “Day of Truth” April 28. The Day of Truth was established to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda and express an opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective. In the past, organizers say students who have attempted to speak against the promotion of the homosexual agenda have been censored or, in some cases, punished for their beliefs.

    The messages are clear. One just need to read daily newspapers or watch TV news – the number of anti-Christian efforts are increasing.

    Sad, given 29 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence had seminary degrees. Sad, given The Bible was the primary “reader” in schools across the country in its early formation. Sad, given this gay lifestyle agenda gambles its future on the hopes that government will eventually force our country’s founding faith out of the public square.

    -=-=-=Truthspew Says-=-=-

    The reason they had seminary degrees is because that was pretty much the only degree you could get in the 18th century.

    And your use of the ‘gay agenda’ again tips your hand. I did look at the website you list and of course, it’s a Christian news site. Am I anti-Christian, the answer is yes I am. But there is a caveat. Those who embrace the message of Christ without hatred in their hearts I have no problem with. Those like you Russ who constantly beat the drum against people who are gay, you are my enemy. Tell me Russ, when is the last time you loved your neighbor as you love yourself? Or is it that you are fixated on Old Testament values?

    I noted I’m getting many more homophobes visiting my site and I welcome it because I will refute each and very one of you.

    My ‘agenda’ as it is, is full equality. Do you know what that is? It means no one person is lesser than another simply because he/she is black, white, gay, straight what have you. Equality also means the same rights and privileges. That is my agenda.

  4. I’m one of those student Activist!!!!! this report sickens me. they sove everything else in our face’s but we cant stand up for what we belive is RIGHT!!! “All men are created Equal” i belive in this!!! theres now reason to hurt or kill people just because there a little different. This needs to STOP and it has to strat with our generation!!!

    GAY PRIDE!!!!

  5. All this talk about agendas and the only agenda I see is the Christian right wanting to save the word so everyone can live like them, look like them, act like them, worship like them.
    I am a straight Pro-Life Christian evolutionist that believes in gay rights.
    I piss everyone off.
    “Whatever some people believe the Bible seems to say about
    homosexuality, they must not use that belief to deny homosexuals their
    basic civil rights. To discriminate against sexual or gender minorities
    is unjust and un-American.” (Mel White)

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