Obama hits it out of the park

There is a very nice write-up about Obama’s latest speech regarding racism in the Huffington Post. I have been an Arianna Huffington fan since her book “How to Overthrow the Government”. It’s a fairly progressive site that I keep track of via regular email updates.

Ok, now it gets ugly. Those of my readers that are Hillary Clinton supporters might want to close this window or stop reading now.

I do not support Hillary Clinton for President. I know her record and to me, I want someone in there that is deliberative, balanced, and has a demonstrated record of helping people vs. helping their own career. In that case Hillary Clinton is now employing what I term a scorched earth policy that I fear will destroy the Democratic party. This whole kerfuffle about Minister Wright is taken out of context, that much is clear. And it sounds much like a smear job done by the hatchet masters on the Clinton campaign.

Now it’s become clear that she was in on the formation of NAFTA. Sure, loot the last manufacturing jobs from the U.S. and for the most part ship them to Mexico where labor is cheap, labor laws non-existent, and it’s basically a third world shithole with pollution run amok and poverty like we’ve never seen, or at least not yet.

Then of course she was a Wal-Mart director during the time that unions were trying to break into Wal-Mart and she didn’t say shit about employment rights.

She’s a bought a paid for politician. And if she continues on this course she will essentially hand the presidency to John McCain who at 71 wouldn’t be the best choice. Friends and I think he’ll last maybe a year or two before he suffers some debilitating disease or just up and dies.

But I don’t want to see another Republican in the White House for the rest of my life. Put it this way, Bush makes even Nixon and Reagan look like saints. But then one has to remember, Bush had something none of his predecessors had, lock-step control of two branches of government. And John McCain would just be a continuation though with any luck people won’t be stupid enough to cede control to the Republicans again.

Time will tell. But right now I’m starting to get a little sickof the sniping in the Democratic party. To Hillary Clinton I say step down NOW! I don’t want you as my president. And to Howard Dean and Barack Obama I say keep on, and win this thing in November.

3 thoughts on “Obama hits it out of the park

  1. Obama just confirmed his racist bent when he started making generalizations about your “typical white people.”

    Obama has hit himself out of the park. He is over.

    -=-=-=Truthspew Says-=-=-

    No he’s not done yet. He was illustrating a stereotype when he said typical white people. Once again, you take it out of context to turn it to your own argument.

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