The Unlimited Game

Tonight I was talking about the question of why is it that net and phone packages are going full unlimited for a fee, while things like natural gas, electric etc. aren’t. Then it hit me, the utilities we rely on for the most part use fossil fuels.

That said, why can’t you just take cost the utilities incur for the entire generating capacity and divide it by the number of consumers. That way you could set a flat fee for all you can eat. It’s said that Westinghouse didn’t like Tesla’s wireless power distribution because they couldn’t put a meter on it. I suspect that much of what we pay for something like electricity and even natural gas is wildly inflated specifically because it IS metered.

But here’s another thing. Most of our oil consumption in the United States, more than 90% in fact goes to motor vehicles. I would love to see one of the candidates for President step forward with a plan to take about $50,000,000,000 (Yes, that’s $50 Billion with a B if you ever watched The Pentagon Wars) from the military budget and plow it into research and development projects to get fossil fuel burning vehicles off the road withing 5 to 10 years.

I don’t think it’s impossible. The United States has when necessary whipped up all the equipment necessary to fight in two theaters of war, why the hell can’t we dedicate some of our tax money to the task of ending our dependence on oil.

There’s an indirect benefit to doing what I’ve suggested above. By reducing or nearly eliminating our need to import oil we would instantly cut off the religious fundamentalists, the dictators, and all the other unsavory characters. Because without money from petro-dollars or petro-euros those of Al Qaeda would have a hard time financing their global terrorist jaunts.

And the Wahabists could have Saudi Arabia and make it a stinking shit hole for all I’m concerned about them. They could literally go and pound sand.

There have been some encouraging developments particularly in the area of hydrogen. They’ve figured out how to achieve 85 to 90 percent efficient conversion of water into it’s Hydrogen and Oxygen components.

Hydrogen is interesting, you can burn it and the combustion byproduct is water, or you can use a method I’d prefer. Use it to power a fuel cell that powers electric motors at each wheel. Talk about power.

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