AFA Still on the attack

This time it’s against GM for their Cadillac division daring to put ads in gay publications and media. The asshats at the AFA need a serious reality check.

General Motors Supports The Gay Agenda

General Motors has made a decision to help promote the homosexual agenda. The automaker supports the gay agenda with advertising in homosexual publications and on the gay TV cable channel LOGO.

GM’s Cadillac regularly places full-page ads in The Advocate, a magazine dedicated to pushing the homosexual agenda. The LOGO TV network carries programs promoting the lifestyle.

Jon Brancheau, director of media operations for Saturn (a subsidiary of General Motors), left no doubt about General Motors’ support for the homosexual lifestyle. In a letter to someone who complained about GM’s sponsorship of an episode of the LOGO program “Adam and Steve,” Mr. Brancheau wrote.

“Given that this film aired on the LOGO network, which is widely know(n) to offer content oriented for a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender audience, we feel comfortable with our decision to advertise during LOGO’s broadcast of the film.” (Full letter.)

Mr. Brancheau’s comments make it very clear that GM knew the content and nature of the programs on LOGO, and they have no reservations about sponsoring the “Steve and Adam” program and supporting the homosexual network.

Take Action

* GM is blocking our e-mails. They don’t want to receive them. Therefore, we are asking individuals to sign the petition. We will then deliver the petitions to GM. We will provide only your name and state.
* Forward this to family and friends and ask them to send the e-mail.

The homosexual agenda? When do I get my copy? First of all, how do the people at the AFA find out that ads are running? There’s The Advocate which I stopped reading years ago since it was mostly ads and very little gay content, mostly straight people proclaiming their support for the gay community. And LOGO, yeah stale content and all.

You just know that there’s a closet case or twelve in the AFA who’s doing the full homophobe dance. They probably think they pass but everybody they work with knows they’re a big old ‘mo.

But promoting the homosexual agenda is a stretch. I think the real goal of the AFA is to drive off the advertisers for both The Advocate and Logo. I can see The Advocate folding at some point because the net has largely replaced what it had to offer. But LOGO is an MTV property and I note that AFA isn’t attacking MTV yet. I wonder why?

Once again Donald Wildmon and friends think they know best. The main problem is, they don’t and there is no way I want them running my life.

One thought on “AFA Still on the attack

  1. I am so sick of the AFA pushing IT’S agenda. Logo is a channel for queers, as is the Advocate. If you don’t want gay themed media, DON’T read or watch it! It is that simple.

    So what does the AFA really want? They would like to jail all homosexuals, not allow us to drive and read what we want.

    I really wish there was persecution of xtians in this country. Too bad there isn’t.


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