Free Press Net Neutrality

I’m sharing this around because I’m a strong advocate of net neautrality. I’ve watched the gamed played by Comcast with some amusement, Cox has done no such thing, nor has Verizon. I use both, Cox at home and Verizon at a friends house. Neither blocks or delays bittorent traffic.

But since Comcast has, it won’t be long before the other dominoes fall. I predict first it’ll be Verizon, then Cox. Cox seems to be very even handed on net management which I appreciate as a customer. I even refer lots of people to Cox net services. Even at my former place of employment I set them up with Cox VAN (Virtual Area Network) service.

Anyhow this quote in the article struck me as odd, they’re completely discounting we tech geeks in our 40’s.

Members of Free Press “are people in their 20s and 30s who are active in politics, who have grown up on the Net, who have come to learn and appreciate the value of the Net and want to preserve it,” said Richard Whitt, the Washington telecom and media counsel for Google.

We older geeks laid it down, we ran BBS’s with email and chat capabilities as well as file transfers using things like Xmodem and Zmodem, and even UUCP which I ran on my Waffle BBS. We believed in open networks, and had some of the first including FidoNet.

We want net neutrality, we already see the nickel and diming taking place in the industry and want it to stop. I will not pay more to access a site because an ISP thinks it can make a little extra money.

The arguments being put forth by Comcast in their network blocking was that they were ‘managing’ their network traffic. Instead of collecting fees and not upgrading the network they should have beefed up their network to implement IPv6 and maybe some real QOS. I find it interesting that a freebie router for my Vonage service does QOS for voice traffic. I set it for 90kbps service which delivers high quality sound. I’m a big VoIP envangelist, I use Vonage, Skype and MagicJack. I’m a Vonage fan and also a fan of MagicJack since I found a PERL script with which I can spoof the Caller-ID info. I use it for my business 800 service, that way when I dial out the 800 number pops up. You need to have three things, the MagicJack device, a PERL interpreter for your computer, and this script:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Warning: this software may be unstable. Before using it, be sure that you have
# a reliable alternate means of making an emergency call.
use IO::Socket;

$srcnum = ‘1111111111’; # change this to your MJ number
$spoof = ‘1111111111; # change this to number to send as Caller ID
$cidblock = 0; # set to 1 to block ID on all calls
$mjip = ‘’; # change if MJ running on different host from this script
$server = ‘’; # MJ proxy to use

sub outgoing { # handle outgoing call features
return if $ibuf =~ /sip:911/; # don’t mess with 911 calls
if ($cidblock || $ibuf =~ /Anonymous/) { # want to block
$ibuf =~ s/\r\n\r\n/\r\nPrivacy: id\r\nP-Asserted-Identity: \r\n\r\n/;
elsif ($spoof ne $srcnum) { # want to spoof
$ibuf =~ s/\r\n\r\n/\r\nP-Asserted-Identity: \r\n\r\n/;

$lport = 5070; # port to listen on
$dgs = new IO::Socket::INET(LocalPort => $lport, Proto => ‘udp’) or die “Socket: $!\n”;
while (1) {
$rcv = $dgs->recv($ibuf, 2000, 0);
next unless $rcv && length($rcv) >= 8; # ignore errors
$raddr = inet_ntoa((sockaddr_in($rcv))[1]); # get source addr
if ($raddr eq $mjip) { # packet from MJ
if ($ibuf =~ /\nAuthorization:/) { # INVITE packet for outgoing call
$dpaddr = sockaddr_in(5070, inet_aton($server));
$dgs->send($ibuf, 0, $dpaddr); # send to server
elsif ($raddr eq $server) { # packet from server
$dpaddr = sockaddr_in(5060, inet_aton($mjip));
$dgs->send($ibuf, 0, $dpaddr); # send to MJ

Just edit the script and run it. Then plug in your MagicJack and off you go.

One thought on “Free Press Net Neutrality

  1. I ran a BBS also, “the Club” WWIV Been around a long time I have.


    -=-=-=Truthspew Says-=-=-=

    I was the sysop for RI’s second BBS, Syslink.

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