Interesting Open Apps Site

I found this on a list of web sites to have, it’s called Zoho.

Features include word processing, spreadsheets, invoices, databases and much much more. The database creator is so simple to use. I put this contact form together in about 2 minutes but unfortunately WordPress won’t let me post it here. But it’s really sweet.

So check out the site. I really like projects like this because ultimately this is what will kill Microsoft.

3 thoughts on “Interesting Open Apps Site

  1. microsoft will be killed once we get these apps up an running and have everybody start using it. firefox has been something that i think proves that this can happen…

  2. I’ve never seen it before, but it looks interesting! I may give it a spin here in a few to see how many bugs I can find in it; if it works out well enough, I’ll be using it more after that.

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