A new topic, The Effects of Eight Years of Bush

Well, I’m only going to say a little bit on this. You can read it here for yourself.

You’ve probably seen the graph I posted showing the surpluses and deficits under the various presidents and their parties. In every single case the Republican deficits are FAR and ABOVE any a Democratic administration has ever had.

In essence the motive of the Bush administration was not only to loot the federal coffers, but to pick the pockets of every U.S. citizen for many years to come. This was a massive fuck you from the neo-cons. The 28% who still support Bush are the enemy, they always will be unless the remaining 72% of us put our collective foot down and stop this nonsense once and for all.

It’s not to say that Democrats are any less corrupted than the Republicans. After all every good businessman knows you butter BOTH sides of your bread.

And you’ve heard me rattle on about stripping corporations of their notion that they derive the same rights from the Constitution as we flesh and blood people.

We’ve seen the power of grassroots movements time and again. It’s time for another one to start up, one that tells corporations that they’ve been very bad citizens and for that very reason their charters should be revoked. Did you know that the legislature in may states still has the power to revoke a corporate charter? I say we lean on the legislators in states like Delaware, etc. to yank the charters of companies like Hailburton and all the other war profiteers, right down the the oil companies.

2 thoughts on “A new topic, The Effects of Eight Years of Bush

  1. are you kidding? the corporations own the legislators, not the citizens. How do you think things got this bad? We are the laughing stock of the world. Most foreigners think that america has lost it by electing George w Bush twice. They think we are a bunch of incorrigibles.

    =-=-=-Truthspew Says=-=-=-

    Yes but the point I’m trying to make is that we are a great slumbering giant. Corporations should beware our wrath. I’ve heard it said that the distinct difference between the U.S. and Europe is that in the U.S. the people are afraid of the government, whereas in the nations of Europe like France and Germany the government is afraid of the people.

    That’s how it has to be in the U.S. The government should FEAR us.

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