Mrs. Joan E. Frattarelli at it again

You may remember Mrs. Frattarelli, I’ve debunked one of her other letters to the editor before.

The latest is no exception.

Joan E. Frattarelli: My five proposals to change Rhode Island

01:00 AM EDT on Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Congratulations to Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts for succeeding in making the case for putting the governor and lieutenant governor on one ticket.

Elizabeth Roberts has an entirely different agenda than our governor and that of the voters who elected him. Listening to her regarding her support for illegal immigration should sound an alarm to all voters in this state. The Democrats have total control of the legislative branch, and they are bent on getting total control of the executive branch as well, and the way to accomplish that is to make minorities the majority.

The Lt. Governor in RI is a pretty much useless position but it does act as a decent foil against what tends to be Republican Governors. I do not support putting the Lt. Governor on the same ticket.

I recall a couple of stories when I worked on the campaign for Charlie Fogarty for Governor. Fogarty was the outgoing Lt. Governor and one of the things they’d worked out between he and Don Carcieri the governor at the time was a weekly breakfast, just to keep the lines of communication open.

That soured after about two weeks.

For those voters smart enough to recognize the mess our legislators have put us in and want to do something about it I have some suggestions:

1) Call to tell your representative and senator how you feel.

This is something I do on a regular basis, I’ve emailed them or talked to them in person. Of course I don’t have the same neo-con agenda that Mrs. Frattarelli has.

The problem as I see it is that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We need to enact controls on our legislature via the Rhode Island constitution to eliminate the paid lobbyists. All one has to do is check out the RI Sec State’s Lobbytracker 2.0 search to see why I say we need to put the clamps down.

2) Tell them you support elimination of the master lever, which most states have done.

There is no master lever on RI ballots, there’s one box to select the party ticket. That being said I don’t know ANYONE that votes a straight ticket. I think Mrs. Frattarelli doth protest too much.

3) Support putting both the governor and the lieutenant governor on one ticket.

I don’t think I need to explain this any further.

4) Insist on putting a voter-photo-ID system in place before November’s election.

I am against the proposal of any photo ID used for voting. I tend to stick around in an area and all the people at the polling place know who I am as well as recognizing other people from the neighborhood that go there to vote. There is no need whatsoever for photo-ID.

Of course Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis wants photo-ID too, a proposal I made certain to explain to his administration wasn’t necessary.

And North Scituate is a place where you’ve got maybe 2 people every square mile. For example, this is a satellite view of Mrs. Frattarelli’s house. Something tells me she knows her neighbors. People in rural settings like that do tend to know everyone in town. I don’t think she needs to identify herself at the polls.

5) Do not let your elected officials take your vote for granted; make them earn your vote.

I have to translate this one. In essence it says make the legislator fear their constituents, not a bad idea in theory. Citizen outrage doesn’t happen often so long as those citizens in question are fat and happy.

The requirement for real citizen outrage is fairly high. We must have food shortages, fuel shortages, spiraling inflation, a housing crisis, etc. We already have most of those with the exception of food shortages though inflation is doing a nice job on that.

But I notice we’re short on outrage. Maybe it’s because the corporate owned media is loathe to show that what they’ve supported for the past decade is woefully damaging. Once things get really bad they’ll start showing it.

I think the lack of outrage is because everyone is too busy struggling to make ends meet.

If we voters do not make some much-needed changes at the State House this November, our state will continue down the path of socialism. The problem is that there will be no one left in this state with the money to pay the taxes that support it.


North Scituate

The thing about socialism is that Mrs. Frattarelli is more than likely a beneficiary of it. SSI, Medicaid etc. are all socialist programs. But she has a point, there’s too much spending on social programs in Rhode Island. But then, the fact that illegal immigrants get coverage might have something to do with Rhode Island being an illegal immigrant paradise of sorts.

So you see I’m not completely disagreeing with Mrs. Fratarelli this time around. It’s just that she comes off as a Repug in most of her letters.

One thought on “Mrs. Joan E. Frattarelli at it again

  1. Actually, having worked the polls at my local precinct for 18 years, I can assure there are a LOT of people who go in and vote for the straight party ticket. Mainly seniors, I’ve noticed. They had problems getting their ballot into the box and I had to help them, and in doing so, I saw many MANY straight party circles colored in (we still use paper ballots here, not any kind of levers), for both parties.

    I too think we should do away with it. If you want to vote for everyone on the same party, just color in all the circles for them. If you don’t care enough to do that, then just color in the ones you want. Why should someone get a vote just because a voter was lazy?


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