Getting to the post petro-fuel era

This is a fantastic analysis of what the obstacles are to reducing our dependence upon fossil fuels.

Jose Etcheverry doesn’t dance around the main obstacle, entrenched corporate interests. It is said that Tesla figured out how to transmit power without wires and that Westinghouse and Edison officials at that time didn’t like the idea because they couldn’t slap a meter on it. Based on what I’ve been able to glean from my electric bill and the occasional newsletter inserts is that the cost to produce and distribute the power is far less than the 14 cents per kWh I pay. And energy usage is fairly consistent throughout the year. So explain why we couldn’t shift our electricity to a subscription usage, where for $x you get y kWH usage per month. Hell if you ask they’ll put you on a budget plan and you pay a fixed amount each month.

The entrenched corporations have the money to pay for big shot lobbyists. That much should be clear to all of us.

But we need to start moving past this. There are many encouraging discoveries being made, things like Thermal De Polymerization (TDP), using plant cellulose to generate gasoline, wind and solar systems to name just a few.

One of the main fields that is lacking is energy storage. In the case of TDP and cellulose fuels they are closest to what we do now.

Wind and solar have a drawback. During sustained winds and full daylight they produce a huge amount of electricity. But storing that electricity is a problem.

Current battery technology isn’t showing much progress. The students at M.I.T. did figure out that with solar or wind you could generate and capture hydrogen from water during the day when usage is light, then run the hydrogen through a fuel cell at night to provide power. That might work.

One thought on “Getting to the post petro-fuel era

  1. It is all about money…… where is the money right now? Fossil fuel.
    It is kinda like why pot is illegal, because we can all grow it ourselves.


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