Yahoo Music doesn’t support Firefox or Opera

Well now, this is interesting. I know that Yahoo embraces OSS since the underlying mail service under their Yahoo Mail product is Qmail.

But try checking out their music casts. I recall that in the past they worked with Firefox. I’ve been noticing a lot of sites now enforcing the use of Internet Explorer. I’m sorry but Firefox now represents a large portion of the browser base, and it should be supported.

Or could it be that Microsoft’s crappy net services are now defined as the standard? In any case I smell an anti-trust rat here against Microsoft.

The error dialog

So I went ahead and clicked on their supported browsers:

Firefox and Mac not supported


Got a response back from Yahoo:

Hello Truthspew,

Thank you for contacting us about the problem you are experiencing with
Yahoo! Music services.

We regret you are having concerns with not being able to access
LAUNCHcast through FireFox. We’ll try to resolve this for you as quickly
as possible.

Although LAUNCHcast is not currently compatible with the OSX system or
the Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and Netscape 6-7 browsers, we do consider
your feedback regarding the features you would like to see. Our users’
feedback is a very important part of how our development team decides
which features to add to our services.

At this time there is no estimated date as to when this service may be
available using these applications.

We have forwarded your comments to our development team for review.

In addition, we have good news for you: the new Yahoo! Music Video
Player is now available. The new player is compatible with Mac and
Firefox (a browser alternative to Internet Explorer)


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