A New Challenge

Moveon.org has morphed into quite the force for political change in the U.S. It was born of the hearings into Clintons affairs with that chubby intern, Monica Lewinsky. We all know that the hearings were a Republican witch hunt but that’s beside the point. But MoveOn.org was a kick to get things moving in a different direction.

Now they’ve got the Bush-McCain challenge. It’ll present a series of statements to you and ask you if it was Bush, McCain or both who said it.



Bush & McCain

Bush & McCain

It’s really quite amusing that there isn’t really any difference between Bush and McCain. They’re both neo-con Republicans and we’ve seen what they can do over the last eight years.

If anyone votes for a Republican in the general election they really should have their heads examined because they’re certifiably crazy, stupid, or both. I suppose when you’re awash in money neither of those conditions matters to you, but it matters to the rest of us.

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