An interesting evening

So around 9PM we get a call from our friends Jon & David and we decide we’ll take a walk over. Yes, they live just 15 minutes by foot away from here. It’s not worth grabbing a bus or taking a car.

As we’re walking there we have to pass under the RI Route 6 overpass. It is a popular pigeon resting place and Keyron got shat upon by one of the pigeons. He was just mildly irate until I started reminding him that even if you found the offender and blasted it with buckshot you’d pretty much atomize it.

Anyhow when we got to Jon & David’s place they had this liquor, vodka with blood orange and some other bits. Very sweet but it’ll knock you on your ass with just a few glasses. I got slightly tipsy and Keyron had some too. I also had a beer.

As we’re about to leave Keyron turns and then projectile vomits on me. I being the practical type stepped out of the way but I still got spattered.

While our hosts were retching I was just there being amused. I don’t know what it is, I find the macabre and the gross extremely humorous. Keyron cleaned it up, and I kept kicking myself for not whipping the camera out and getting video. It really was a spectacular full emptying of the stomach, duodenum and maybe even jejunum. It was orangish in color, had multiple bits of chewed up food in it, overall a quality puke if you ask me.

Jon and David were freaking out though. Me, I’m just like “Eh, it’s puke. No big deal.” I would have been a good E.R. physician, puke, shit, blood and whatever doesn’t bother me at all. You all know about the autopsy I attended for my 9th grade biology class. That’s the one where classmates were passing out, I was getting in for a better look.

How I ended up in I.T. instead of medicine or surgery is beyond me but here I am.

Anyhow that was our eventful Friday night.

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