God damned taggers

They’ve been repainting the building. The whole front of the building is done and I guess this only presented too much of an opportunity for the taggers.

Here’s some evidence:

First Tags

I’ve been trying to decipher who NSB is to no avail. But then something changed today:

B3ba Tag

This one yielded more results. I did a google search on B3ba +Providence and came up with this.

This paragraph pretty much sealed it:

Hey I’m b3ba , 21 y-old… I hav3 two b3autiful kidz nam3d Amariliz and Cristian. I also hav3 a wond3rful boyfri3nd named St3v3n, whos th3 lov3 of my lif3.. h3 also has 3 kids of his own, which mak3 th3m my st3pkids, so you can pictur3 how big th3 family is!!! LOL!! Lik3 my own th3yre good kids… I also hav3 a b3st fri3nd nam3d Michy, who lives with m3, and h3lps m3 out alot. I lov3 h3r so much, w3 3v3n fight lik3 sist3rs!! W3ll 3nough about my fam, I hop3 you guys lik3 da pag3, and w3ather you know me or not, know you can always hit me up!! W3ather I know you or not, cuz I’m also h3r3 to mak3 n3w fri3nds!! LAT3RRZZ!!

I can tell B3ba (Beba) that she isn’t going to make many friends when her name shows up as a tag. More to the point, stop L33t’izing your text. It isn’t cute and should only be done by skilled I.T. professionals. L8r Luser.

Of course I have to friend her on MySpace to email her but it’ll be worth it because someone is going to clean that up and it isn’t going to be me.

I’ve also noted that most of the tagging occurs between Thursday evening and Monday evening. So next weekend weather permitting someone is going to get a little surprise. I’ll be there with the shotgun and the nylon ties. Once I’ve tied the perp up I’ll walk to a payphone, call the police and tell them to come pick up the garbage.

In reality I’ll more than likely video them in the act. That should be enough for the police to charge them.

It’s funny, even the Rhode Island State Police are worried about the graffiti and tagging in the capitol city, yet they can’t keep a lid on it. The biggest problem is that the taggers use magic markers which are easy to conceal, and easy to explain. It’s a little harder explaining a spray can.

The police can’t be everywhere. So it’s time for a little citizen vigilantism.

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