Funny new Australian Program

It’s called “The Librarians” and is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Company.

The show features a cast of characters that would fit into any of the libraries I frequent. You’ve got your OGT character, your budding poet whose work is a little sex obsessed, the second in command is disabled and I’ll let you figure out WHY she’s disabled.

But the prime character is the head librarian whom they’ve given the name of Frances O’Brien, and let me just say she’s a very tightly wrapped character. I think that’s part of the charm of the show, she’s completely manic. Too funny.

Even the intro is interesting, by the time she gets to her desk she’s hyperventilating and does the old paper bag trick.

Not to mention that the jazz tune used for the intro music is very nice.

The main reason I love this show is that I’ve always loved libraries and archives. One of the things I love is the vast collection of well organized information and knowledge. And increasingly, data is becoming a large part of libraries which dovetails nicely with my I.S. background. Matter of fact I’m considering enrolling in San Jose State Universities online Masters in Archives and Records Administration.

I’ve looked at the course listing and almost every single one of them touches on information science in one form or another. The nice thing is it’s a 3 year program and only $18,000. I had been looking at a Masters in Library Science at Drexel but that was $40,000!

But check out the show, it has its funny moments. I’m still trying to figure out if the character of Ky Lee is gay, I think he is. That’s the other thing I’ve noted about library and archive staff, there are a LOT of gay people in the field.

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