Religious Whackos in New York

Oh this is too rich for words. It appears in the Gainsville Sun.

The Rev. Duane Motley of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms says the Democratic governor is circumventing the Legislature and courts and slapping New Yorkers in the face.

Motley says granting government benefits to gay couples will come at a cost to the state even as Paterson calls for cuts in spending because of looming deficits.

I’d like to know what part of the Constitution the Rev. Motley doesn’t understand, is it the Equal Protection under the Law clause of the 14th Amendment? Because that should be the primary basis of claims to marriage equality.

Of course the piece even made it to Slate. The bigots will stop at nothing to deny us our civil rights.
I say we turn the tables on the religious and start revoking the tax exempt status of their churches. I’ve often thought that if a church wishes to play in the political arena they should pay taxes.

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