Month: May 2008

An interesting evening

So around 9PM we get a call from our friends Jon & David and we decide we’ll take a walk over. Yes, they live just 15 minutes by foot away from here. It’s not worth grabbing a bus or taking a car.

As we’re walking there we have to pass under the RI Route 6 overpass. It is a popular pigeon resting place and Keyron got shat upon by one of the pigeons. He was just mildly irate until I started reminding him that even if you found the offender and blasted it with buckshot you’d pretty much atomize it.

Anyhow when we got to Jon & David’s place they had this liquor, vodka with blood orange and some other bits. Very sweet but it’ll knock you on your ass with just a few glasses. I got slightly tipsy and Keyron had some too. I also had a beer.

As we’re about to leave Keyron turns and then projectile vomits on me. I being the practical type stepped out of the way but I still got spattered.

While our hosts were retching I was just there being amused. I don’t know what it is, I find the macabre and the gross extremely humorous. Keyron cleaned it up, and I kept kicking myself for not whipping the camera out and getting video. It really was a spectacular full emptying of the stomach, duodenum and maybe even jejunum. It was orangish in color, had multiple bits of chewed up food in it, overall a quality puke if you ask me.

Jon and David were freaking out though. Me, I’m just like “Eh, it’s puke. No big deal.” I would have been a good E.R. physician, puke, shit, blood and whatever doesn’t bother me at all. You all know about the autopsy I attended for my 9th grade biology class. That’s the one where classmates were passing out, I was getting in for a better look.

How I ended up in I.T. instead of medicine or surgery is beyond me but here I am.

Anyhow that was our eventful Friday night.

AFA: P&G Wants to know if we support their Agenda

This particular AFA message is just too pass up. They’re getting their underwear in a bunch over the gay storyline in As The World Turns.

They beat the fear drum by saying that homosexual activists will call to register support for the storyline. Fan those flames:

    1-800-331-3774 and click on option 2. Following the recording, click on option 1 to support P&G’s advertising on ATWT!

Of course they tip their hand when they talk about it ultimately being about gay marriage. Good for ATWT and P&G. I did notice something, I’m not young by any stretch of the imagination though through a genetic accident I look a good ten years younger, and now that I’ve taken up the family tradition I might be able to shave four of five more years off that. But today I saw an article in my local newspaper about the May Day of Prayer. They had pictures of the event.

There weren’t ANY young people in the groups of people in the photos. None. I think I was one of the vanguards of the sans-religious in America.

In essence, it’s the old people trying to buy their way into heaven. A friend and I both hit on it when we realized that as people approach their mortality they suddenly get very religious, or at least if they’ve been indoctrinated to do so. When I approach my mortality religion will have absolutely nothing to do with it. I have standing orders that I am to be cremated and my ashes scattered over the familial homeland in Italy.

Procter & Gamble wants to know if you approve its efforts to promote the homosexual lifestyle. It has established a toll-free number for you to call and vote to approve or disapprove its support of homosexuality.

P&G has added homosexual lovers to its soap opera “As the World Turns.” It has also added scenes of homosexuals with open mouth kissing. The motive behind P&G’s push is to desensitize viewers, especially younger viewers, to the homosexual lifestyle. The ultimate goal of homosexual activists is homosexual marriage.

Thousands of homosexual activists are already calling P&G.

Take Action!

* Call the toll-free number P&G has set up for the public regarding its promotion of the homosexual lifestyle. Call 1-800-331-3774 and click on option 2. Following the recording, click on option 1. There is not a live person at this number.
* Forward this e-mail to family and friends and urge them to call and vote.
* Reproduce this letter and distribute to others — Sunday School class, church, coworkers, etc. Ask your pastor to put this information in the church bulletin and newsletter.
* If you have not already done so, send an e-mail letter to P&G opposing its promotion of homosexuality.
* Sign up to get Action Alert updates from the American Family Association on the P&G response. Sign up here to stay informed.

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your family and friends.


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!

Vintage Video: Cameo

I haven’t done a Vintage Video in quite some time so I thought I’d kick it up a bit.

This week it’s Cameo. If you don’t know Cameo you’re in for a treat. They were a very brash, very out there funk/dance band. They produced such hits as She’s Strange, Word Up!, Candy, Back and Forth, etc. The middle three were classic 80’s fare and I spun them on a regular basis when I was at WDOM 91.3FM.

First on the list is Attack Me With Your Love

Single Life

Some really old Cameo, Flirt

Shake Your Pants

One that plays on the racial divide, Skin I’m In

Word Up!


And here’s an oddity, a slow jam from called “Hagin’ Downtown”

And as long as I’m talking Cameo, I have to talk about Charlie Singleton. He was one of their guitarists.

Make Your Move on Me Baby