Oil Prices

This is a very interesting analysis of the rising cost of a barrel of oil.

In essence several things come out of it:

  • Approximately 60% of oil prices are pure speculation.
  • That Enron sponsored the legislation to take away enforcement action from the board that was to regulate oil trading
  • The the Bush Administration holds a key position in this. Both Bush and Cheney come from the oil industry. Is it any wonder they managed to further erode the regulatory environment on oil trading?
  • There’s an interesting shell game going on in oil trading.
  • Almost all oil trading is controlled by U.S. and British concerns.
  • That the instabilities so famously reported have little to do with prices of crude oil.
  • The big investment banks are motivating much of the price increases.
  • This makes the push to war in Iran much more clear. There’s oil there.
  • This is going to come as a major slam on the Bush administration. Let us not forget that Kenny Boy Lay was a major donor to the Bush campaign. While I’m at it, lets not forget Cheney’s ties to the military industrial complex.

    The interference in our government by corporations has now reached astounding levels. We’ve let ourselves be lead down the primrose path. It’s time to rise up and fight back.

    One thought on “Oil Prices

    1. Oil prices are out of site. I just paid $4.51 a gallon to fill up. And it affecting the price of everything else, Inflation is on the way, WAY up.

      Thanks so much Bush and Cheney.


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