Gay Pride Swag

So Keyron was out with friends of ours and they hit an event. Apparently Cox is adding Logo to their channel lineup. Too bad that they’re hiking rates. But they did a give-away

Anyhow some of the swag:

A Cox Tech Connect Post-It device (This is competition for my business damn it! I might just scrape off their stuff and screen on my business logo and send it back to them. )
A Logo Bag
A Logo Luggage Tag
A Logo Pen
Season 2 of Noah’s Arc
Season 1 of Rick & Steve
Season 2 of Big Gay Sketch Show

Keyron always walks into these things. Only thing I ever won was a copy of Making Things Talk at a Providence Geeks meeting.

Noah’s Arc ended after season 2. The last episode wrapped up a few things, mostly all things but it was a bit disappointing since that’s it for Noah’s Arc.

Noah ends up back with Wade, and Alex is finally proven right about manipulative Guy, to the point where Trey finally realizes it and tells Guy he has ten minutes to pack his shit and get the fuck out. And Ricky the slut ends up falling for Genito only to have Genito fall for someone else.

Rick & Steve is funny shit though. It’s animated but the gay references in there are pretty funny.

As far as the Big Gay Sketch Show, eh, not particularly funny. Maybe it has to grow on me. The show does have its moments though. An example is S02E03, towards the middle there’s an episode where a gay guy brings his lover to meet his grandmother (It’s titled Grandma Bell). Turns out the grandmother is a lesbian. But oh my, a very foul mouthed lesbian. Reminds me of my grandmothers favorite phrase, “Fuck em’ all” and she never meant that in a good way.

Another highlight of the show is “Today on Craigslist With America’s Treasure: Maya Angelou”. It’s done by cast member Colman Domingo. Another funny comedienne is Erica Ash. She played Grandma Bell. Whoooooo! Baby got mouth on her.

And then in S02E02 the character who parodies Elaine Stritch (Played by Nicol Paone) is surprised by the walk-on of the real icon who simply comes on and says “My name is Elaine.” and then proceeds with the sketch.

If you don’t know who Stritch is, she’s the one who did the original recording of Ladies Who Lunch. If you watched Camp they did this particular piece and it was funny as all hell. Conniving little bitch indeed.

I suppose that makes the show worth watching as you never know when to expect a real icon, or a truly foul comedic moment.

One thought on “Gay Pride Swag

  1. You were right about the lighting, but it looks like a great time. I am going to San Francisco next year for a gay wedding, since its legal now, my friends are getting hitched. I can’t wait for the festivities.

    You know it’s funny but I look forward to Pride every year. But Keyron is a bit bored with it all, to him every day is Gay Pride. It’s so true. It’s just fun to be in the throng of people once a year.

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