Gay Pride 2008

This evening was Gay Pride Providence 2008. The usual players were in attendance but the crowd was shall we say kind of big.

Once again let me rant about the parade. It seems to have gotten very commercial with regard to the floats. Bacardi, Trixx (A local adult entertainment complex) and a few others. The one thing missing this year was G.O.A.L, but I suppose that last year they marched because they had their conference here in the city.

My next rant is that it is a NIGHT parade, supposedly ‘illuminated’. I must have a different idea of illumination from the gay people on the Pride committee. I had threatened to bring a few million candlepower lights but that didn’t pan out this year. However I did get a video treat. Once I saw the parade wrap up I went looking for the people I was there with. I got across the street and the parade was coming up the street, under two streetlights none the less. And right up front was the Big Apple Corps. Quite entertaining, take a look.

I don’t know why but every year I look forward to Gay Pride. I look at how far we’ve come, and how far remains. But little by little things get better for us.

And then there’s the floats for the adult entertainment. Ick! If I see one more skinny little twink I think my head will explode! Gimme someone with a little meat on the bone, a little body hair, you know, a man.

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