RI Assembly Wrapping Up

The local rag, The Providence Journal had an article talking about what a tough time it’s been in the legislature, yadda yadda yadda… .But I seized upon it to send a letter to the editor that shines the light on the issues they didn’t take up. Whether ProJo decides to print the letter is another matter but I present it here for my readers.

It is with great interest that I note what series of bills didn’t make it to consideration of the entire body this year. Once again bills pertaining to full equality in marriage and divorce rights in the state has been quashed by the leadership in both houses, even though supporters of those bills have the support of two thirds of the judicial committees.

As Justice Patricia Hurst tells it, the inaction by the legislature and the executive will have dire consequences should Casandra Ormiston and Margaret Chambers challenge the Family Court Act under Article 1 Section 2 and Article 1 Section 5 of the Rhode Island Constitution.

I’ve watched time and again as this issue gets tabled in committee. So now I feel our cowardly legislative leadership should be made to feel the full wrath of we who have been denied protection and rights under the Rhode Island Constitution.

I ask that Speaker Murphy and President Montalbano allow those bills to come to a full vote. They deserve no less but if they fail to act, they can be certain of wreaking havoc upon Family Court law.

I do hope that Ormiston and Chambers file that suit. The legislature will have to reconvene either to redress the issue of inequality, or to re-write the Family Court act to be gender neutral.

Either way, their hand is essentially forced now.

2 thoughts on “RI Assembly Wrapping Up

  1. Do you know there was a time that you could choose who you wanted to be with for the rest of your life without question, when did the government get involved in marriage or property disbursement. It seems like the government makes far too many laws governing our lives. My parents were never married but lived their lives as a couple not falling for all that church and government crap. They shared everything and when my mother passed away no one was the wiser for it, all the benifits were there because they out smarted the system.

    I’ve outsmarted the system myself. But here’s where it gets interesting. When your mom was sick I bet that nobody questioned her partner going to visit or making decisions. But let the partner be of the same sex and it automatically raises alarms.

    I believe marriage has been co-opted by the various churches but should primarily be a state function.

    And this from you, five times eh? :)

  2. They need to be forced into it. They are such wimps in the full house and senate. Take note of who kills the legislation an vote them out next fall.


    With any luck they’ll be indicted before the elections.

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