Dobson accuses Obama of not knowing his Bible

This is absurd! I dare say that Dobson and Company have never read the whole Bible either. For if one does so something becomes abundantly clear.

That something is that the Bible contradicts itself on many, many occasions. I was fortunate to have spent twelve years in Catholic schools because if anything it equipped me to do battle with these idiots.

If you recall some time ago I posted the Know Your Bible quiz an I scored 70% even though I haven’t looked at the book in 20+ years. I predicted that if you had the fundies take that quiz they’d all score less than 50% and while I’ve not been able to verify that hypothesis I’m pretty sure of it based on the rants from the like of Dobson.

I cannot wait for Team Obama to debunk Dobson. That’ll be fun.

An update, Obama and several others have now answered Dobson. Not only that, check out this web site, where they say Dobson Doesn’t Speak for Them.

There are things I’ve noticed about the religious nutcakes. The majority of them are older, uglier and non-fuckable. No wonder they want to control who fucks who, who can abort, or many other things. I guess they figure most of all if they can control women they might get laid every now and then.

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