Gays in the Military

Apparently 60 Minutes did a piece on gays in the military. In it they talk to American and British soldiers, leaders, etc.

What stuns me is that the U.S leadership is homophobic beyond belief. There’s on Congressman Duncan Hunter who calls it ‘morally repugnant’. In essence this guy finds love morally repugnant. Of course he’s a Repug himself. He should be forced to watch John Corvino’s presentations on the subject.

Interestingly the British are much more comfortable with the inclusion of gays in the military. One asshole actually had the balls to say that the military in countries that allow gays to serve openly never see hard combat, never train for it, etc.

But lets take the British as an example. They train every bit for hard combat as U.S. soldiers and the same is true with Germany, France, etc. They all follow NATO training regimens.

Allowing those who are openly gay to serve has done nothing to limit unit cohesion. In fact according to the British, the level of cohesion has improved since nobody has to worry about being outed, etc.

Another interesting fact is the younger soldiers in the U.S. are more accepting of those openly gay than the command structure. One asshat actually brought up the fact that someone could refuse an order to work with gay people on the basis of their religious beliefs. I say that you enter the military and check your religious beliefs at the door, they’ll do you no good in battle.

Goes without saying it again, all the ones in opposition are old people. The unfuckably bitter.

But all that said, this is one person who never did military service nor would I ever consider it.

One thought on “Gays in the Military

  1. Will someone explain to me what being gay has to do with anything? Where is said that the way you have sex or who you love has anything to do with your fighting abilities or anything fucking this else, you know this just pisses me off. When my first husband came out, he told his best friends who dissapeared magicly and it was very hurtful to him. They knew him for years and still they didn’t get it. It just wasn’t about them. I still love him and so do his kids.

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