AFA is upset at being called hate mongers

Surprise! The AFA takes umbrage at McDonalds not acceding to their demands that they end their relationship the the NGLCC. What’s interesting is that the AFA is focusing exclusively on McDonalds when the NGLCC site proudly proclaims that American Airlines, American Express, IBM, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, et al are founding sponsors.

So throw away that computer with the Intel processor, it’s made by a company that encourages gay owned business. Don’t use the Amex card, and pull the investment account. Quel horreur!

According to the AFA if you use any of those companies for any purpose you are helping to promote the gay agenda. What is the agenda? I don’t know, do you? The morons at the AFA see homosexuality as strictly the sexual aspect. The fact of a dick going into another mans ass or mouth just makes their stomachs turn. But they ignore all the other aspects, you know, the love, the caring, in essence all the same things that straight people have, we’ve got it too.

Of course the AFA also takes issue with being called hateful but that is precisely what they are. The whole concept of organized religion requires the establishment of the other, the one outside that commune. Sin for example is someone outside the grace of their god.

Of course there’s the old term hate the sin, love the sinner. Except in the case of the AFA they seem more focused on loving the sin and hating the sinner.

I can’t wait for that old fraud Wildmon to kick the bucket. The only lament I have is that he’ll have no knowledge of it since there’s nothing beyond this life. To spend so much time wrapped up in hate must be very exhausting and such a waste of time.

McDonald’s: those opposing SSM motivated by hate

July 10, 2008

Dear Friend,

Throwing out any pretense of being neutral in the culture war, McDonald’s has taken up the rhetoric of gay activists, suggesting those who oppose same-sex marriage (SSM) are motivated by hate.

AFA has asked for a boycott of McDonald’s restaurants because of the company’s promotion of the gay agenda. AFA asked McDonald’s to remain neutral in the culture war. McDonald’s refused.

In response to the boycott, McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman suggested to the Washington Post that those who oppose SSM are motivated by hate, saying “…hatred has no place in our culture.” McDonald’s has decided to adopt the “hate” theme used by gay activist groups for years.

Whitman went on to say, “We stand by and support our people to live and work in a society free of discrimination and harassment.” Mr. Whitman has intentionally avoided addressing the reason for the boycott. This boycott is not about hiring gays or how gay employees are treated. It is about McDonald’s choosing to put the full weight of their corporation behind promoting their agenda.

McDonald’s donated $20,000 to the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in exchange for membership and a seat on the group’s board of directors. The NGLCC lobbies Congress in support of same-sex marriage.

McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner said the company will promote issues they approve. “Being a socially responsible organization is a fundamental part of who we are. We have an obligation to use our size and resources to make a difference in the world…and we do.”

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