Wow, I feel like I’ve drunk a pan galactic gargle blaster (Obligatory HHGTTG reference). But in my case it was lots of good wine, started off with some Rieslings which I absolutely love, then some red wine of a 1999 vintage that was very smooth. But right now I’m blasted out of my mind.

It’s Tuesday for crying out loud. Today I’ve had two beers and a little over a bottle of wine to myself. I can tell you it’s very hard to write this though. But it was worth it. Hopefully I didn’t completely screw this up.

In any case I’m feeling pretty damned good. But I know there might be some suffering in the morning so I’m drinking a few things of water and taking aspirin.

2 thoughts on “Drunk!

  1. I have done my share of blogging while drunk. It is always interesting the next day reading my posts. Have fun, hope the morning is good for you with no hang-over.


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