The Real McCain: Why he shouldn’t be President

I’m not going to say too much on this one. I think the video does a good enough job of making McSame look like the bumbling old fool that he is.

Actually I think will say a little bit about it. McCain strikes me as an evil old man. Imagine a hawkish version of Ronald Reagan and you get what I’m saying here.

But I also see serious signs of mental decline in McCain. He’s definitely lost his short term memory. Do we really want someone in office that maybe six months in will be a total basket case?

I’ve often though that the rules on who can run for president should be changed. Maybe put an upper limit of 65 on the office. The requirements are that you reach the age of 35 when you start your term as President of the United States. I think a 30 year span would be sufficient.

2 thoughts on “The Real McCain: Why he shouldn’t be President

  1. Oh my god, where did you find that video? I think you are right about age getting the best of some people, well politicians often lie about things, this guy just can’t remember what century he is in. Hope you enjoyed your lobster dinner, I am having mine alfredo style tonight, dripping with a creamy garlic sauce over pasta. Yummy,

  2. The video reminds me of Reagan during his last days and the best of George Bush. The guy is loosing it and it will only get worse as he gets older and has more pressure put on him.


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