Would you survive?

Got this from Polt’s Palace.

These are my chances for surviving a Zombie attack.


Unfortunately I can’t get the flashy zombie graphics embedded in this post as WordPress strips out the certain tags that are well represented in the code for my results. Just as well, you don’t get all the spam for oneplusyou.

Anyhow that 76%, I had posted in a comment whether that had comforted me or scared me. I’m leaning very heavily toward comforted. Why? Because I can do what has to be done. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the guy they call in to remove dead critter carcasses. I own the requisite items for defense against zombies too.

I think that’s what tipped my score over 50%. The other ones were finding a heavily fortified building, checking for all entrances and when you hear a noise wait silently also drive ones score up.

2 thoughts on “Would you survive?

  1. I did the fortified building, forify the exits and wait silent at noises options too…and I still came out lower. I think my downfall was the lack of firearms experience and my desire to rescue loved ones.

    Although, even as I was answering them truthfully, i KNEW I’d get a low score for it. :)


    =-=-=-Truthspew Says=-=-=-

    I think that’s where I scored highest, knowing I had the will to kill a loved one if they were a zombie and I do have firearms experience. For a few years we’d go every weekend and fire off .22’s, .45’s, .357’s, .44’s, 9mm and 12-Gauge Slugs and Birdshot, and an AR-15 rifle. Most of that was my buddies arsenal. My personal favorites are the .22 and a Mossberg AT-500 pump shotgun. The .22 for deadly accuracy and the 12 gauge for pure stopping power.

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