Met someone who won’t vote for McCain or Obama

Last night Keyron and I met up with friends, one of which I hadn’t seen in a while. Kerry is a 39 year old white woman.

Know why she won’t vote for Obama? Because she wanted Clinton to get it. So instead she’ll waste her vote because things didn’t go her way. She says she’s going to do a write in so maybe it’s not a complete waste, but it just gives advantage to McCain in my view.

But it gets better. Neither David or Jon are registered to vote but David has a firm belief that Obama would be assassinated and that because of that people would vote in McCain. I told them that 8 years of George W. Bush was enough of the neo-con agenda. I also mentioned if you really wanted to cover the racists the misogynists and the homophones you should run a black lesbian for president, that way we could easily spot the bigots out there.

But the thing about not voting for Obama because Hillary Clinton didn’t get the nomination irks me. David and Kerry were both making noises about how Clinton had the experience. I looked at both incredulously and asked how being first lady made one more experienced. Instead I see Hillary Clinton as a conniving bitch who’ll stop at nothing to be first. Of course in this latest episode I’m reasonably certain that the party elders told Clinton to step aside this time around.

Kerry made the comment that Obama’s campaign was about change, but she claimed she didn’t know what changes he had in mind. I told her that Obama’s campaign had much more substantive ideas about energy, the economy and civil rights. It’s interesting to see McCain parroting some of Obama’s policies. I hope that Biden assumes the attack dog role and slams McCain over that.

I have to admit I am suffering from a bit of fatigue in all this since my decision was made long ago to support Barack Obama. I just can’t wait for election day to be here. If John McCain wins I’m definitely moving forward with obtaining Italian citizenship as I plan to be the hell out of the U.S. if we’re going to be subjected to four more years of Bush/McSame rule.

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