Troppe informazioni Martedì numero di Cento e quarantanove – Quando si desidera su di una stella (TMI #149)

You find a fairy. With a wave of their wand they can change anything for you.

The fairies I’ve run across can barely change their clothes, let alone change anything significant.

What is the one thing you would change about your body?

Probably get my mid-section tightened up and ripped.

What is the one personality trait you would change?

I’m too tolerant of bullshit sometimes. I need to speak up more.

What is the one thing about your job you would change?

The commute. But it will change in about three months once I have enough save up to buy a decent car that gets good mileage.

What is the one thing about your home you would change?

Drapery on all the windows, heavy drapery. Keep the heat in this winter.

What is the one thing about your Significant Other you would change?

I don’t think there’s anything I would change about him. He’s perfect just the way he is.

Who is the one person you would poof out of your life and why?

Now that is a tough one. I’d have to chose from the half dozen people on my better off dead list. I think prime among them is one David A. Resnik. I know what you did David, and it wasn’t very nice and I’m so glad that karma came around and bit you in the ass. I’m only sorry I missed the public auction.

Who is the one person you would poof back in and why?

My mother. I think it’d be so nice to have her back with me and Keyron. My mom was a very cool person, she’s the one I get my social justice crusader characteristics from.

You may note my blog postings are becoming less frequent. It’s because I’m spending 20 hours a week in a commute, not generally getting home until after 7PM. And I’m dealing with databases on a computer so that when I get home I barely want to look at a computer.

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