A Nation of Village Idiots

What we’re seeing now is the complete and utter corporate greed and malfeasance manifesting itself.

We need to disabuse corporations of the notion that they have the same rights as we flesh and blood citizens. They don’t. The 14th amendment was never written to confer those rights on corporations. Instead, a comment in the 1886 Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad judgment assumes that corporations are to be treated as people.

What these corporations fail to realize is that promoting their own agenda through government is very detrimental to all of us. Right now we’re on the precipice of another depression. Yes I know, the Federal Reserve was formed to prevent that from happening, but the Federal Reserve is a cartel of all the big banks. Did we really think they wouldn’t act in anything but their own interests?

Back to my point, if they do push hard enough that a depression occurs again, they’ll have committed the worst form of suicide. For avarice is one of the bigger sins out there.
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