Finally got one

No, not an iPhone, but the iPod Touch instead. Why? Because I don’t like the fact that the iPhone is locked into at&t, not to mention it’s a bit too pricey.

I got the 16GB Touch and I love it already. No more click wheel. Yippeee, I passed my 2nd generation Nano to Keyron so now he’s got a portable MP3 player.

The Touch syncs up flawlessly with my wireless network, and I love the feature where if you turn it landscape the image adjusts to that. It’s a cool device.

And I paid $299 for it, which is only about $50 more than I paid for the 2nd gen Nano. So features and memory rocket up while price only goes up a little bit. Could have gotten the 32GB unit but the price seemed a little steep at $399.

My next Apple purchase will more likely than not be a MacBook Pro. I’m tired of the Microsoft games. It was funny, the Apple Store near me uses Symbol bar code scanners with a Windows CE type OS on them. They’re slow as shit and I was having a good time talking to the guys there. They loved the Obama button on my backpack too.

One thought on “Finally got one

  1. I can’t believe how much I adore mine. Does it come with the software upgrade? If so, you can put some cool free games on it too with the applications feature.

    =-=Ok I have to cut down my tag. Yes it is the latest OS on it.

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