My latest experience with Christian hypocrisy

The other night Keyron and I were over at our friends David and Jon’s place. Somehow the topic of conversation had to do with another friends man declaring that there was no god.

David was highly irritated by that. I think part of the irritation is that David and Diana once were together, and then when that died off, John eventually became part of the circle. John identifies as straight but Diana is a pre-op trans and we’ve caught John in some interesting situations regarding all that. I term it gay training wheels.

Anyhow now that you know a little background on it, I’ll explain what happened the other night. Anyhow when David came out with the fact about John I was thinking “Oh cool, someone else gets it!”. Well, David was getting very strident about it until I managed to use my biblical knowledge to help him at least admit the Bible was bullshit.

Then the subject changed to something else. It was that something had to start everything which is a nice way of saying we don’t know shit. But believing in a fairytale god

3 thoughts on “My latest experience with Christian hypocrisy

  1. I am what I call spiritual, which means I don’t believe in an all mighty god. It doesn’t make sense to me. The crazy part is that 80 percent of the population believes in some kind of god. How can we call ourselves the intellegent species?

  2. I am an atheist. So any talk about god has to start there. I find that the people that believe in god are generally ignorant on most subjects. But their belief in a supreme being is also faith based. We don’t have much to talk about.


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