One American carmaker – Our best solution?

Sure, one car company able to set the prices on its lonesome and maybe even force out competitors from across the Atlantic and Pacific.

Not a good idea if you ask me. I am however considering buying GM and Ford stock for three reasons.

1) It’s cheap. Around $5 or less per share
2) I know if push comes to shove, the federal government will not let the auto industry fail. Remember the 80’s and Chrysler?
3) I know that barring utter failure and bailout, merger will happen.
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3 thoughts on “One American carmaker – Our best solution?

  1. What if each individual was given a portion of the bailout? Would it be enough to stimulate the economy back into shape? Instead of giving it to the companies by their own fault are failing! Just a thought.

    =-=-=-=-=-=Truthspew Says=-=-=-=-=-=
    $700,000,000,000 / 300,000,000 people = $2,333.33 per person. Not really that much of a stimulus.

  2. I don’t know about buying ford or gm stock. I think they have a big upheal battle against Japan. Maybe many years to overcome if at all. You know the stock I would buy? Google it has to split soon.


    -=-=-=-=-Truthspew Says-=-=-=-=-

    Actually re-read the post. I said that the government would never let them fail outright. And both Ford and GM are going to be dropping true electric vehicles on the market between now and 2011.

    I’d say that is worth investment.

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