Someone else almost gets it! But socialism isn’t THAT bad.

The following Letter to the Editor in today’s Providence Journal.

Elizabeth J. Comeau: Moving toward National Socialism

01:00 AM EDT on Saturday, October 18, 2008

My attention has been diverted from the presidential election to our economy and the infamous bailout (a.k.a. rescue) plan. But, a rose by any other name . . . And, a mistake by any other name . . .

Before the House voted on the plan, we heard, “Passage of this bill will save us by providing immediate relief for the banking institutions; the companies that are struggling, the people in danger of losing their homes, their jobs, etc.”

The bill passed, and the market continued its downward spiral. Now we hear, “Change won’t come overnight. It will take time — even years — to recover.”

So far Ms. Comeau gets it. The give-away to the big corporations posing as banks was nothing but a money grab on the part of the business. Corporate socialism if you will.

Wasn’t it Mussolini who said, “The first stage of fascism is the merger of state and corporate power”? If we know our history, we know that in fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, the state gained control over the corporations. In modern America, it seems the corporations have gained control over the state.

The evil deeds of the infamous fascists were condemned, and the fascists defeated. Yet, I fear, the practice of economic fascism was not defeated and is alive and well, living in America, with our democratic system leaning more toward the philosophy of National Socialism.

This is where Comeau fails, and fails hard. It was the corporations that pushed Italy and Germany into the expansionist policies that brought about WW II. If you ever get a chance read the book titled “The Arms of Krupp 1587-1968” by William Manchester. And next time you step on an elevator take a look at the logos, I guarantee you’ll see at least one with the familiar logos of Thyssen (A stylized arch) and that of Krupp (Three interlocked circles) or the two bound together as Thyssen-Krupp. They still make steel and stainless steel, those are the hallmarks of the Krupp Conzern back in the day. That same metal went into German and Italian weaponry from the 16th through 20th centuries.

Why else would corporations hire huge armies of lobbyists to influence congress? It isn’t because they’re trying to stop fascism, it’s because they’re trying to make as much money as they can. The side effect of such activity is a rise in fascism.

Why else would they form PAC’s (Political Action Committees) to move unencumbered money to the candidate of THEIR choice.

Of course it is all base on the notion that a corporation has the same rights as a flesh and blood person. This is a false notion. They have no such rights as we do. That point needs to be made abundantly clear to them.

Put it this way, I don’t mind paying a fair price for goods and services. But right now we have too many monopolies and duopolies and oligarchies for my tastes. What choice do I have for electric service or gas service? The same is true of the video market, you can have cable, FiOS or Satellite television. Sure there is over the air programming but that’s so saturated (As is cable, FiOS and Sat) with advertising pushing us to buy, buy buy.

Don’t even get me started about cell phone and the idiots who think that computing is going to be centralized again. It isn’t because the centralization model require a subscription method. So you pay over and over and over again. Not to mention that connectivity isn’t as ubiquitous as they’d lead you to believe.

It begins innocently enough with programs like Social Security, Food Stamps and entitlement programs. But, the programs become less innocent, more sinister (the Patriot Act being one example) as we hand over more authority to the government.

I fear for us, our children, and all the children to come as we witness the destruction of our national structure. And, I fear, the most difficult times have only just begun.



Sorry Ms. Comeau, the so called ‘entitlement’ programs you mentioned do not lead to fascism and they most certainly didn’t lead to the USA PATRIOT act. That disgusting bit of legislation was written by the corporations that would benefit the most. The scanner manufactures, the security firms like Blackwater, and the large contractors like Halliburton. They benefited to the point where they’d destroy brand new trucks because they needed an oil change.

How about the $700 Billion in corporate welfare we just gave to what I call the shadow banks. Those are the ones who operated outside the regulatory framework. Did the government force that on them, hell no. Ask yourself the question, where did the money go. Follow it and all you questions will be answered.

It is the other way around – corporate greed eventually destroys an economy. There have to be strong regulatory laws to prevent this. Look at telephone service and electric service. They were deregulated and what happened. It costs us MORE for phone service now than it ever did. Yet the bottom dropped out on the long distance side.

I remember in 1982 I had my own phone line and I rented a red Western Electric 2500 set from then New England Telephone. My total monthly bill was $12. Now my VoIP service is $24.95 a month as has far more features, but then to add insult to injury it rises to $32 to $33 a month because of FUSF and all the other bullshit fees that go right into the carriers pockets, it isn’t used to build out broadband.

Broadband only gets built out in areas that they think have a high profit level.

I did a bit of googling on Ms Comeau, seems she works for the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) the company allowed to solicit charitable donations from federal employees. So you’d think she’d understand the true role of the safety net programs.

Seems she’s never heard of the concept of economies of scale. Explain why the VA Hospitals (Walter Reed is NOT part of VA) have the least cost but best service? Imagine applying that to the entire country. It could be done but the entrenched insurance and billing lobbies would never let that happen. The VA is the exception that they want to keep quiet.

We need to rise up and fight the corporate dominance and fascism occurring in the U.S. today.

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