This weekend

So last night Keyron and I hung out with Nick and Beth. I met them both through Keyron a few months back.

It was the night of great political discussion though Nick and I are pretty much solidly in what Nick likes to refer to as the Commie Pinko Left liberal side of the political divide. We talked about Palin and what and I think we agree with Lincoln Chaffee, she’s a cocky whacko.

We also talked about McCain’s deer in the headlights look when Obama said his health plan wouldn’t penalize small business owners and they wouldn’t pay a dime. Then of course I mentioned a story I’d seen that indicates McCain is starting to reconsider his choice of Palin.

Later on I setup Firefox, iTunes, AVG 8. on his new Vista laptop. Did I mention, Vista SUCKS! It isn’t really hard to find anything it’s just that the UAC is really annoying. Xp’s SP3 has included a little more UAC but it isn’t as fucking obtrusive as the one in Vista. I also had the sad duty of informing him that his printer didn’t do wireless printing, that the card wasn’t present in the slot.

Had a good meal of Chinese food from the Pagoda Inn in North Kingstown, RI. Good food, but I must admit I like the Chinese food available here in Providence at three places. The first is Chef Ho’s while the other is Phoenix Dragon which is right around the corner from me.

I also introduced Nick to a few new things.

He wanted to setup a blog and I got him setup on WordPress and gave him a basic tour. It’s funny, my default edit mode on WordPress is html, but I noticed they now offer the non-html editor as well as the html editor. I left him hooked up with the non-html editor. You can visit his blog if you like.

Also introduced him to RSS feeds. RSS is something that not a lot of people know about. In essence I consolidated all his newspaper feeds from the Boston Globe, NPR, etc. I also did the Mass Department of Education feeds as well as showed him the link to all MA DOE regulations. In all the instances I mentioned, all I did was go to their web sites and in the search box type “rss”.

I still have to get him up on Usenet (Aka Google Groups) because I think that is what he wants more, a forum where he can discuss ideas with people.

Only problem is that Google Groups kind of sucks. Not to mention that many of we old Usenet denizens killfile all postings from Google, gmail, etc. I’ll probably download a copy of Gravity for him and get him setup on Motzarella soon. Motzarella is a free public newsgroup server. I use it exclusively now since Cox’s news servers have started sucking big time.

I did explain to Nick that it wasn’t for the faint of heart of the thin skinned. I remember the days of Usenet where one had to don their asbestos underwear for the flamewars that occurred on a regular basis. Usenet is a bit more tame now, particularly since most of use have gotten older and wiser. But every now and then you get a Usenet Newbie that needs to be soundly pounded before they understand the rules of etiquette as they apply to Usenet/Google Groups.

I was glad to help, I like showing people how freely information can flow.

One thought on “This weekend

  1. Tony, you can turn UAC off for admins through secpol.msc

    Local Security Policy
    User Account Control: Behavior…
    Elevate without prompting

    I do this for all privileged users.

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