iTunes fun

Got this from the Gospel According to Mikey:

1. If you played your iTunes library from start to finish, non-stop, how long would if play for? 4.5 Days, 1,435 items at 6.52GB

2. If you played you iTunes videos/movies from start to finish, non-stop, how long would it play for? 0 days. This isnt’ to say I don’t get video podcasts. There just isn’t an easy way to calculate it.

3. What artist appears the most in your iTunes library? How many files? Earth, Wind & Fire with 57 files, followed closely by John Legend with 41 files.

4. Which word appears the most and how many times, when typed into your iTunes search: Love, Sex, Fuck, Death? Which is the least? Love: 159 times, Fuck: 3 times, Sex 11 times, and death 0.

5. What is the longest iTunes file? P-Funk Funkentelechy (Where’d You Get That Funk From) at 23:14.

6. Shortest? Next, by Sylk 130 at 9 seconds.

7. Right now, which track has the highest Play Count? Dubfunk by Shur-I-Kan with 60 plays.

8. If you were to close and reopen your iTunes, what is the first track that plays on your Party Shuffle? It’s missing on mine. I must have deleted it.

9. What was the last item you purchased on iTunes? People by Chocolate Milk.

10. What item is in your shopping cart that you are hoping you can find as a free download? I don’t maintain the shopping cart since if I buy something on iTunes it’s with a change card.

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