A new Providence restaurant experience

I have probably been by the place a zillion times. It’s in a place where one wouldn’t expect a French restaurant and it’s right across the street from my favorite electronics distribute, A&J Distributors.

The restaurant in question is Loie Fuller’s on 1455 Westminster St in Providence, RI. Apparently the only thing you’ll see on the doors are the initials “LF”. ProJo did a nice write up on the restaurant too.

We started off with La Chouffe for Nick and I, and Champagne Cocktails for Beth and Keyron. Then we moved on to a bottle of Cataldi-Madonna Trebbiana Abruzzo red wine. Very smooth, wine.

I’m surprised I can actually blog right now because I’ve got enough alcohol in my system to knock a horse out.

I had the green onion and pistachio ravioli, Nick had the Wild Boar, while Beth had the duck and Keyron the seafood platter. All was excellent. I particularly likes the ravioli, very rich and creamy filling in those.

For desert I had the pumpkin bread with cranberry and cream cheese. Oh that was delicious.

Highly recommend this place. It’s at 1455 Westminster Street, Providence, 273-4375. Get there at 5PM sharp, they don’t take reservations and it’ll be packed by 6:30PM. This is a place I can imagine us to return.

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