The Thanksgiving Day Menu

An interesting them has been kept to for each thanksgiving. The number of foods in the meal is generally matched by deserts.

E.g. this year:

The Meal:
Turkey with Gravy
Cornbread stuffing
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Potato Salad (Life with a southern guy!)
Broccoli Casserole
Butternut Squash
Home made cranberry sauce

The deserts:
Pumpkin Pie
Apple-Cranberry Pie
Berry-Berry Pie
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Banana Pudding
Pineapple Cake

Those last three are made here at casa Truthspew. It’s funny, we get more people for the desert phase than we do for the meal. But it doesn’t mean the meal is bad, just that the deserts totally rock. This is what happens when you have two sugar freaks in the same household.

The mashed potatoes, potato salad, broccoli casserole, cheesecake, pineapple cake, and the cranberry sauce got made today. That way tomorrow it’s the turkey, stuffing and butternut squash.

The cranberry sauce gets rave reviews and it’s so damnably simple. It’s the recipe right off the package of cranberries. A cup of sugar + cup of water, bring to boil. Add cranberries, return to boil and then back the heat down a bit, cook for 10 minutes. I do use a bit of starch to stiffen it a bit.

It looks like it’ll be a good holiday once again. Keyron and I have gotten it down to a well oiled routine.

As to what we have to be thankful for, I’ll start with our health. We’re still in good shape, me at the decrepit age of 44, he at 35. I have a job that pays extremely well and takes advantage of my intimate knowledge of many things I.T., it even allows me to indulge my hobbies as well as going down to North Carolina for Christmas again this year, and perhaps a visit to Atlanta in April to see our friend Kyiesha whom I haven’t laid eyes upon in a few years.

Life is good right now. I know that it never stays this way though. So I’ll enjoy this while it lasts. Over the past few months I’ve explored new wines, new foods, and gotten to know friends a bit better.

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