Universal Health Care and the New America (with respect to Harvey Milk)

Bravo! I am an out gay man in a 16 year relationship. I want marriage equality rights but I also want universal health care for all citizens.

The industry has made the European and Canadian systems out to be the boogeyman. But if you watch Michael Moore’s “Sicko” you see that we’ve been under an attack by a master propaganda system funded by the hospital chains, pharmaceutical companies, billing companies, et al.

Put it this way, if we weren’t spending $500 billion a year to maintain a standing armed force, if we weren’t blowing another $500 billion a year in Iraq, and maybe if we weren’t giving tax breaks to large corporations and agri-business perhaps we could fund not only universal health care, but rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, improve our educational system, maybe even forgive 75% of student loans.

We need to elect people who pledge not to take PAC money, or allow lobbyists of the big corporations to dictate the laws and the votes.
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