Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Didn’t get a lot of hours billed this week (Only 57) but enjoyed the time off with family and friends.

Thanksgiving day we had the menu I previously posted about. All total we had 7 people and we packed off everyone with deserts and food and still have a ton left over.

Friday we went over to our friends Beth and Nick’s place to have a nice decadent little time. We enjoyed a $46 bottle of Pinot Noir, and a Barolo to start. Then we had thinly sliced warm breads with various cheeses including a Stilton, and two others with herbs in them, along with some chicken pate.

Later on we enjoyed some delicious meat pie along with sweet potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Saturday we went up to Salem, MA. Salem is an interesting town, it’s got that neo-pagan vibe to it. Of course Beth had to mention that if they met a real pagan they’d be a little surprised. In fact I love how she talks about it. She changes her voice to sound like the neo-pagan dipshits. It’s too funny.

We ate lunch at the tavern at the Hawthorne hotel. I’ll be frank here, the Mucho Nachos were good, but the burgers were nothing to write home about. For four people and six alcoholic beverages the tab came to $100. I’ve noticed this in a lot of places, diners included. Everyone seems to be afraid of seasoning meat or eggs. Just a little salt and pepper are fine you know. If you want to be daring you could use garlic powder, or other herbs and spices too. Maybe a little chili powder, you know, jazz it up. You can still have the old regular flavorless burger on the menu. Just offer something with a bit more kick. The same goes for eggs of any kind.

And while I’m on that kick, I need to knock a few diners in Providence. If you stuff an omelet don’t just throw raw vegetables in it, saute the vegetables first. And season, season, season.

We got back to the house around 6:30PM. I will say that the amount of food we ate carried us all night so that’s one recommendation for the Hawthorne Tavern.

I managed to turn Nick on to the TED talks. And Nick and I had some interesting discussion on what to do about the terrorists. I’m in the camp that says a proper U.S. response to the 09/11/01 event would have been to obliterate Mecca and Medina. Show the Muslim savages that supported those who did the cowardly acts of 09/11/01 how it’s done.

At the same time end our dependence on foreign oil. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if we use alternative energy forms the despots like Hugo Chavez, and the other OPEC asshole could literally go and pound sand.

While we’re at it, whatever we develop share it with Europe, Russia, China, India and the like. Sure you’ll have to do licensing costs, but make it pretty simple to end worldwide demand for oil.

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