So it was the religious and the uneducated (Prop 8)

Those are the two common demographics that are emerging from the Proposition 8 fight in California. The people who voted against equality and enshrined hate into a constitution were either religious, uneducated, or both in my view.

Religion tends to enforce utter faith in the words of the Bible and of the pastors. It scorns education in general since those who created the current monotheistic religions knew that once you applied the test of critical thought, religion flies out the window. I think that’s why the great classical era is so interesting since they had a panoply of gods to worship. It kept their minds a bit sharper, didn’t allow for one god to run the whole show.

It is why I say that I’d be happier if organized religion were to disappear tomorrow. I’m tired of my life being overruled by those who wave a Bible in my face. A single book does not an education make.

But this is also why we’re seeing fights to insert creationism into science texts in many states, as well as the open persecution of anyone who doesn’t toe the abstinence line. The of course there is the anti-abortion crowd, the anti-gay crowd, and their ilk.

The ones that scare me most are the Dominionists. Do they really want to live under Gods Law? Death penalty for what things like adultery, no divorce, no shellfish, no mixed fabrics, men required to wear beards, a woman who is undergoing menstruation is determined as unclean and has to stick to the prohibitions in Leviticus. These are people who want to wind the clock back to the 50’s, not the 1950’s but the 50CE era. They want to apply a harsh desert theology to modern society. My guess is that we’d see precisely the clashes we’re seeing right now.

The reality is that they want to control what OTHER people say and do. A return to the Puritanism of the early settlers of the U.S. For even back then the rules really didn’t apply to the men in power. Remind you of anyone today, maybe Bush & Co?

It’s time for we thinking people to stamp out religious ignorance. I know it is a tall order but I think we have the momentum to shut down the ignorance once and for all. As I always say, the churches have had a minimum of six millennium to try and get it right and they’ve failed miserably.

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