Where I’ve been

If you look closely at my flickr tags you may deduce that we visited North Carolina for the holiday again.

Last year was a “just because” year. This year it was to see our new nephew Camorre (I think that I have the correct spelling now!)


He’s a cute baby and pretty far along on the development curve. He’s already got the ability to hold his head up easily, he’s starting with vocalizations and a bit of babble as well as beginning to get his first set of teeth at the tender age of 3.5 months old.

Aunt Selma has had some setbacks but for 94 she’s still with it. And while Uncle Book may be losing his eyesight, he’s still sharp.

Uncle Book
Uncle Book

I got to meet a few more members of Keyron’s family. For example in this photo we see Norma, Keyron, Marie and Keyron’s Mom.


I like Norma. She reminds me very much of my aunt Carol. I guess it’s the fact that she’s free with her speech, very open and just a very sweet person to be around.

Marie is also pretty cool too. And Mom/Ma/Mama and I get along just fine. I love Keyron’s family, but as I said to them and they confirmed, I’ve gotten to meet the good ones. Haven’t met the bad members yet and I doubt I ever will.

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