Help me defile the host

I’ve been following the saga of Pharyngula and the cracker for some time now.

I find the attitude of the Catholic Church insufferable. It’s a cracker! Saying a bunch of mumbo jumbo over it doesn’t do anything. It’s all in your own heads.

With that in mind I believe I’ve located a source of host crackers and I’ve chosen the site of the defilement of the host but I need a way to defile it. PZ Meyers drove a rusty nail through it but to me that’s too tame. I want something that without a doubt says that I defile the host, the body of Jesus Christ himself.

I want something that will really send a message containing my venom and contempt for the Catholic church. A Lucite embeddment perhaps? Nah, not nasty enough. How about burning it, hey there’s an idea. If it is the body of Christ you’d think maybe it could extinguish the flames. Not a fat chance that would happen but still, it has a certain appeal to it.

I’ve found a few sites on the web that sell the crackers in batches from 50 up to 500. Since I am a card carrying man of the cloth myself (Ask me about that sometime, it’s a rather funny story when you consider I’m a rabid atheist!) I can sign up my ‘church’ too.

I’ve also found some recipes for it. I’m a very competent cook so I could do that too.

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