Troppe informazioni Martedì numero Cento e Settanta (TMI #170)

1. Have you ever dated/married purely for money?

Not at all. I’m bright enough to make my own way thank you.

2. What is your type?

Cute with some meat on the bone. Skinny little twinks never did a thing for me. I need someone who doesn’t mind getting a little rough.

3. What is the best sex game you have ever played?

Never really recall having played a sex game. Does that make me odd?

4. Have you ever given or received an orgasm from a person whose last name you did not know?

Yes and no. I’m a pretty good investigator. I can pretty much have their full birth name, DOB, SSN, credit report etc. in record time. But sometimes I just didn’t bother to go through the whole process.

5. Have you ever masturbated in front of a sexual partner?

Yes I have. And it was mutual. And back in the day I could do target practice with ejaculation. Seriously, lots of it and long distance.

Bonus (as in optional):At what age do you think men and women reach their sexual peak? Do you think you have hit yours yet?

It’s said men reach their peak at 19, I say that’s bullshit. Men start reaching their peak at around 25, and then start losing it at about 60.

Ditto for women.

Of course after 60 I have no idea what goes on and I’m 16 years out from that age. Yikes!

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