I.T. War Stores Part 2

Next stop is Ernst & Young, LLP in Providence, RI. I got there just in time for us to move from the 11th floor of the then newer Fleet building to the 8th and 9th floors of the Textron building.

This was when Windows 95 first rolled out too and we transitions all the audit staff onto Windows computers. They’d been using Macintosh products before then, System 7 I believe. I tried to stay as far from the Mac side as possible back then.

This one was a fairly uneventful job. Trek up to Boston every few weeks for an all I.T. staff meeting, keep backups running, tax servers running, phone system running, etc.

When I think about it that was probably the dullest I.T. job I ever had. The only major issues I ran into while there was the office move and a few issues with a cranky Novel 3.11 server.

The nice thing about Ernst & Young was the training. In my couple of years there I went on a few junkets including a Windows 95 Boot Camp held at then then Bellcore training facility in Lysle, IL just outside Chicago.

Then there was the TSS (Technology Support Services) kickoff in Princeton, NJ, a TSS team building get together in Vero Beach, FL and yet another TSS gathering in Dallas, TX. Did I mention I spent only two years there?

Worked with a pretty good bunch. My first boss was Rick Hamrick, he was a great guy very confident in his staff etc. Next up was Glenn Fund. Glenn was shall we say someone who liked to live on the bleeding edge and was only there for a short time. Then came Kathleen Bernstein, the micro manager which is about when I left Ernst & Young.

Up next is Emblem & Badge.

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