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Someone on had posted a link to a song that I remembered from when I was a kid.

It’s from Rotary Connection and called “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun”. Minnie Ripperton was a member of Rotary Connection. Released in 1971 and I was what, 6 years old. That’s the thing with me, music sticks in my head.

You should know my musical tastes run to funk, soul, r&b, and psychedelic as well as jazz, new jazz, urban jazz, all the different classes. So this song definitely got me, as I recognize riffs from it being in a couple of Jazzanova songs.

But for now I’m letting my iTunes library run the show. I mostly draw from most listened tracks to newly added tracks. This week is newly added.

Now we trip from 1971 to 1981 and Shalamar’s “Full of Fire”. Even then Howard Hewett’s voice is right up front.

Now we go to a song originally recorded in 1976, Diana Ross singing “Love Hangover”

Back to 1981 here’s Ms. Ross with “I’m Coming Out”. Still something of a gay anthem if you ask me.

The Trammps with “Disco Inferno”

Rick James “Give It To Me Baby”. RIP Super Freak.

And now for something completely different:

Levni Yilmaz’s “Tales of Mere Existence” with “What Would Penis Do?” I know, not gay but just sub in guy for girl and you get the gist of it. And check out his other videos, he’s a very funny guy.

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