National Organization for Marriage running anti gay marriage ads in RI

I just got word from the MERI blog that the National Organization for Marriage is running ads on RI radio stations that are against gay marriage in RI. This six days before the hearing in the Senate Judiciary committee. (Feb. 26th).

If you’d like you can donate to the cause so that MERI can run counter ads.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I need to say a few things.

First of all this is a Rhode Island issue, not a national issue. Yet the assholes at NOM will try and try to deny we gay people the right to marry.

It goes without saying that their opposition to gay marriage is rooted in religion. Of course they’ll run an ad saying their little precious snowflake shouldn’t have to hear about two mommies or two daddies. Boo fucking hoo.

That kind of propaganda really pisses me off because I know that the root of their arguments lay in several passages in the Bible but the most egregious are in Leviticus and in 1 Corinthians Book 6, verses 9-10.

But think for a moment. If you read the entire book of Leviticus you see that it does a few things. Initially it sets up God’s elect on earth, the clergy. Then it sets up the structure to support the clergy. Lastly it puts together rules to grow a small tribe into a large tribe by prohibiting contact with blood, shellfish, pork, and finally homosexual activity.

The thing that gets me is don’t you think an omniscient God would know about homosexuality and at least have a word for it other than “he who lay with another man as with woman.”

Reading through the entire Bible you get the sense that God is something of an idiot. He’d have to be, after all he let Lucifer become Satan.

I have a message for Maggie Gallagher from NOM. Shut your fucking pie hole. And I do hope I get to testify before you do because I’m going to shoot you down.

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